Wednesday, August 16, 2017

It's Been a While

Hi guys! I'm back. I know it's been a while and things have changed a lot. Like this blog shouldn't be called Maddie and Lillie anymore but instead Maddie and Adean. Lillie passed away a couple years ago. Our new dog is named Adean and he's a crazy ball of energy.
I'm in 10th grade now. I know pretty insane.
 My last post on here was a story teaser.  I'm sorry to say I never finished the book. Something happened to my computer and I lost a bunch of it. Though I've started other stories. One of them is a girl's journal entries. Every day I'm going to write a journal entries based off events that happened to me that day. That's why I'm back on the blog.
I'm going to edit some of the journal entries and share them with you, and by edit I mean change them up so I have the correct names and the correct back stories for everyone. I changed them in the story because its a story. I don't want it to be my actual journal entries.

Hi. I've never been a big journal writer, but since high school is supposed to be a big part of your life I felt I should write one. I also want to be an author so doing this should be good for me. Well, I'm sorry to say but you already missed ninth grade. (Goodness I thought writing in pencil will make it so I could erase mistakes. I guess not when you erased away the mistake eraser.) 9th grade was hectic. Thankfully this year is going to be different. Let stressful. I'm going to join color guard. Yay! Or maybe not. My mom's more of forcing me to.
Thats what happens when the band is going to disney this year.

Anyways I’m going to digress (thank you falloutboy for this cool vocab. word) to something i’ve wanted to mention since I started this entry. I got my hair cut yesterday!(actually 2 days ago) I grew it out all summer so I could donate it. It’s really short. I thought it was going to be shoulder length because that's how much I should of had left after I cut off the ten inches but the lady also had to style it so it ended up coming to my ears. It’s shorter than Petra's and I thought hers was really short.(Writing a journal is actually kinda fun. Especially when you're writing it as a story.) So now my hair is to my ears. The only annoying thing is that I can’t pull it into a ponytail, so whenever I lean forward it flops into my face. Of course I can pull up the top layer so it doesn't do that. But that defeats the purpose of why I got short hair. Besides wanting to donate my hair, and shorter hair being lighter cooler and all around better, it’s much easier to deal with short hair than long making short hair less work. Taking the time to put it up would be take too much effort. I try to be low maintenance. =P

This is how one looks unedited. This is also the full one for today.
(I did change the names back and I also just wrote this)

It's me again, Ma. I'm writing with a cat pen today. It's not purple sadly but it's super cute. I just had to go track down Joci to remember what I named it. His name is bonjour. (Hello in French. Idk how to spell.
Thankfully the voice thing on my phone understands french so this wasn't entirely needed.) he's a black pen. The best kind of cat is a black cat. Screw superstition. Well I don't know if I mentioned this yesterday but I'm thinking about joining color guard. Mikey's in the band so I could perform with him! So I was going to check out their practice this morning but I didn't. Want to know why? First off, I hadn't gotten any sleep and I still haven't gotten sleep so it probably wouldn't of been a good idea to go anyway since- OK sorry my voice is distracting me. Why is it that I'm thinking all of this in a southern accent- there I go again. Maybe I should write this like I'm Southern. I tried, failed. Maybe I should do it like I'm Irish. Mom just asked me what I wanted from McDonald's. Agh! The accents are still there. Ugh! Well back to what I was saying. I was really tired (I seriously sound like Applejack right now) and didn't go and… Wow my handwriting is bad. It's hard to write with this pen. Adios Bonjour. Ahh thats better and now I don't have- never mind. The other reason I didn't go was because my ankle brace was dirty. When I was a little filly I hurt my ankle so now whenever dem storms are a comen I feel it in my ankle seence I have arrthriites in it. Sorry that was silly. I did hurt my ankle when I was younger and I don't believe it healed properly so at the beginning of the summer all I had to do was step wrong and it began hurten ever since. Yehaw! Goodness gracious I need to stop writen like I'm Granny Smith. Or more of some old western lady. It must be because I just named someone Carrie Southerns (Karyn South) and I'm going to have to fix a section of the last entry. But yeah. My ankle brace was dirty because Mikey and Mateo came over and me and my mom were planting flowers. I was going to say that they helped but now that I think about it they didn't. Which is probably a good thing- well they did help- they did carry some of the plants for us. We had a long discussion about the plant called cactus- weather I should say cactuses or cacti. We decided to just called them the spiky bushes instead of agreeing on a term. Is cactus Latin? TREE OCTOPUS!!! But while we were planting flowers and spiky bushes my brace got all dirty. Mikey is the best. He tells me "sorry I'm a scavenger” as he opens sweet and sour sauce and starts shoveling in cold french fries from McDonald's. We have a lot of McDonald's at my house I've noticed. The funny thing is moments before he and Mateo were asking me if they could have a cup of water. They left a little after we were done with the flowers. Then I took a bath and got to wash my short hair! I over soaped it. Today I've been doing chemistry HW. (That dreadful word doesn't deserve to be written out. Actually I'm just lazy that's why I always write vocab. and occasionally info too.)
My mom just came in to check on me and found me doing this. I told her I was taking a break because it was wearing me out. Then she said I only had to do two pages a day. Before I went on break I think I had four or more done so I'm done for the day. Yay! I write yay a lot. I should write some of this on Facebook. Tasty burger. I'm signed up for color guard. I need to show up at 7:30 AM I think tomorrow for practice. Hopefully my ankle doesn't cause me problems. Sorry this entries been so all over the place. I guess that's just me being me. IDK why I'm apologizing (or why I keep acronising I don't know) you're just a journal. You don't care. But whatever. That's all for August 16 of the year 2017.

So thats how I've been. We have alot of catching up to do don't we.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I want to ask you a strange question which would totally work as a book teaser for my new book.

What if you just found out you were a robot and you were made to kill your best friend's kind.
You are suppose to hate your best friend but you were programmed wrong so that you could choose to love them and be their friend not always have to hate them.
Would you run away? Would you choose the side of your family, the family that tried to kill you for befriending the enemy? Or would you rebel to your best friends side and their welcoming family who are also known to be cold blooded werecats?

Well this is the position Mandy Welch is in, so what will she do?

I still haven't decided a title for it.
Just by reading the teaser what do you think it should be called?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hi everybody here is the WORST NEWS you could almost ever hear!

I am in a....


I do not want to be in mid school but i cant believe I am saying this but it is not
                                              that bad?     Yea it's not that bad.

But all I can say is....



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

YaY =]

congratulation daddy MY DAD took HIS LAST... TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =] +} :) :() =[] I am so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love my daddy He is grate.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Put your tongues out for snow

For Christmas break my tongue is sticking out. We went to Utah for Christmas break. Spanish Fork Utah has a lot of snow. So much snow that our cat Ragamuffin is half as high as it was. We built a snow man that turned into a pile of snow. It was a bad idea, because it didn't look good and mom and Auntie Rae where teasing each other about it. Well it did look good when we first made it. Then me and my dad made an igloo. We started on it, but then it started snowing and it got buried. When I found it latter it was crushed all over the place. So then we started a new igloo, that was way bigger and better. We only got two walls done, before it was time to go inside. We couldn't go out and finish it the next day because the temperature dropped way low and then we where leaving. Nicole had to leave the next day when the temperature dropped.
We where hoping to go sledding down hills, but we never really paid attention to the time to go do it. At least we where lucky enough to go sledding around the street and have too much fun.
Here is a secret. I love snow so much sometimes I would go outside with no snow pants on and sometimes without a super snow jacket on. I love snow so much I pretty much only wore my snow boots outside, but at the beginning when we first got to Utah I wore dress boots. That pretty much sums up the snow part of my vacation, but not the Christmas part. Well it is half of the Christmas part. THERE IS TO MUCH TO TELL I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START! AAAAAGH! I might just have to write another blog post. Well look at me sticking my tongue out it is silly. :) :) <3

Dad pulling Nicole and me.
Me being silly~

This is my baby cousin Oliver

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hey look I just got a web cast from Santa.

It says I've been a good girl!

Hi Mrs. Cepeda

Guess what? My teacher Mrs. Cepeda might be a new member on my blog! I wanted to write this post because I wanted to introduce my teacher that might be a new member on my blog. She is my third grade teacher and she is very nice just like Mrs. Guerrero and Mrs. Hagstrom.
Mrs. Cepeda's BFF is Mrs. Tiffany Thompson, Jocelin's speech teacher or my dance teacher. Mrs. Cepeda has two dogs but I don't remember their names. I think Mrs. Cepeda is barely strict. She is too nice to be strict. She is less strict or maybe the same amount as Mary Poppins. Today I'm going to Chick-fil-a night to see Mrs. Cepeda and her husband, Mr. Cepeda.
My favorite thing about Mrs. Cepeda is that she is very, very, very nice. She is on the best teachers list. You are the best Mrs. Cepeda. I look forward to giving you hugs every time I leave my fourth grade teachers class. I can't wait for the plants to grow in our class too. I'm hopping you will be a follower of my blog. I don't think I am going to make a post tomorrow, so don't get your hopes up and that goes for everyone. I am not just saying that to Mrs. Cepeda.